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Mother Nature's Calling Card

What's in your Building Envelope!

Regular building maintenance is critical. This picture is from a commercial space which has sustained roof leaks and not addressed them. The result of which literally has things growing in the walls which is evident by the mushrooms observed during our inspection. If you are noticing musty odors or smells, all areas of the premise must be inspected. We can help you take control back of your commercial space.

Hard Water Shower Stains - After SERVPRO

Glass shower doors can be SERVPRO System Cleaned to help homeowners get their home ready for sale, or as part of a deep clean regimen.  This is the after photo of Hard Water Shower Stains being removed and another listing prepared for sale. 

Hard Water Shower Stains - Before

Glass Shower Door stains, and hard water build up from daily shower use can make cleaning a back breaking chore.  Here is a picture of hard water stains on shower glass before SERVPRO cleaning.