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Trauma Crime Scene Cleanup

2/10/2019 (Permalink)

Trauma Crime Scene Cleanup

Life happens.  Sometimes you find yourself with a cleanup that is difficult, and beyond normal.  SERVPRO of Northeast Mecklenburg County has cleaned up and provided a safe premise for both residential and commercial instances.  Due to the graphic nature of this service we have respectfully not depicted job specific pictures.   

How do you know its clean and safe?

10/31/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning and restoring your trauma crime scene to a safe standard. BioRemediation

Biohazards come in many varieties.  Some are obvious and are the result of crime, and some are a result of a lifestyle you read about or may observe on television.  While pictures are taken to depict our on site findings, they are often graphic and not suitable for posting.  Biohazard cleanup is not to be taken lightly and should include post cleaning testing to ensure a safe home, office, or work environment. With the knowledge and equipment to help restore you to a safe condition.